Welcome to my Blog! Hello, my name is MaryLouise Alu Curto and I am a Special Education Language Arts Teacher. I have utilized my lesson plans and other original teaching materials to create picture books, workbooks, nonfiction and fiction articles and teacher's guides for educational curriculum.

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                     The Pig Family's Adventure
                               ISBN  978-0-578-64950-4

What would you do if you received a check for five hundred and sixty five dollars and fifty six cents, for writing a story with lots of suspense? Would you pay overdue bills, or enjoy roller coaster thrills? Maybe you would buy some fancy new clothes or vacation where the tropical wind blows. Well, if you were the Pig Family, you would go for a day trip to the Jersey Shore! Tag along as this adventurous family gets themselves in and out of jams involving money.
The Pig Family's Adventure, is a picture book for the early elementary grades. This math/literature concept book and Teacher's Guide contains objectives, core curriculum standards, printable workbook pages and graphic organizers, extension activities, games and assessment ideas. As the students read about the different escapades of the Pig Family, they will be actively engaged with the story in lively discussions and writing assignments as well as math concepts and reasoning strategies involving money. One of the most exciting aspects of  The Pig Family's Adventure  is that it encourages students to think creatively as they choose alternate endings.

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My designs are inspired by Nature's vibrantly blooming plants and flowers in my garden. My art is expressed through pen and ink, collage, and energized colors. Each flower, leaf, etc. is individually drawn, colored, cut out then pieced into the larger picture. I hope you enjoy my work and it brings you much Happiness!
 Beach Sand
 Frothy Ocean
Dark Blooming
Swirling Flowers Gray
Swirling Flowers Blue
Swirling Flowers Orange Dusk
Vibrant Leaves
Paisley Paradise
 Paisley Night
Floating Leaves
 Yellow Orange Floating Leaves
 Yellow Floating Leaves


....I have written the following articles in Highlights Magazine:

"Hula Dancing 101"

"Pu' ili Sticks"

"Uli Uli Rattles"


....I have written several Student Activity Pages in the following publications:

....I have written several Student Activity Pages in the following publications:

 I have written several Student Activity Pages in the following publications:
Teaching Pre K-8 (no longer in publication)

Here's what I'm currently working on:

Picture Book: Hawaiian Instruments 
Picture Book:  What Is Under My Bed?
Picture Book:  The Surprise Day
Young Adult Novel:  New to the Area 
Adult Novel:  Just Dancing